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Get Where You Want to Go with Self-Confidence

Eddie Grassi, Life Coach Having self-confidence is on a lot of people's wishlist this year.  That's probably because self-confidence is necessary to be successful at what you do.  What's great is that just a little self-confidence in anything can evolve into mountains of the stuff, which can be applied to many things.  It's one of those must have traits that enable us to perform at our full-potential when we meet challenges in our relationships and career.  If you could buy a bottle of self-confidence from Target, you would probably give it a try.  You could then drink some of it and then ta-dah, you have self-confidence.  The only trouble is its expiration date.   This means that this precious trait will not last forever in your system.  While this could never happen, in reality our attitude towards self-confidence isn't much different.  We tend to think of it as something that does not come naturally.  If it does at all, it is s

The Key to Sustaining Positive Change

You want to feel more gratitude in life?  What about motivation?  What about calmness? Then try this: have an experience where you feel gratitude.  Just have one.   Here are some examples: to stimulate a feeling of gratitude in response: notice you are alive and breathing.  Listen to your breath.  See what's in front of you. Be grateful for being alive. Notice when you can move.  Be grateful you can move. Notice when somebody smiles at you.  Be grateful somebody smiled at you. The list goes on.  The event or experience need not be big and grandiose like winning a million dollars to get on the train of positivity.   We don't need million dollar moments to be grateful.  If this proves difficult for you to do, that's okay, have patience with yourself and be grateful that you are trying.  It's not supposed to be easy like, well, like when we feel anxious or angry.   That's not you?  Well, for many of us, including myself, those two feelings have had lots o