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Increase Your Confidence Using Mindfulness

Increase Your Confidence Using Mindfulness Being confident takes more than just practice. The real key is developing a sense of your own self-worth and self-esteem which may have been undermined during early childhood. This can happen from internalizing criticisms and rejections directed at you from a parent or adult. While overcoming this is not easy, your brain can begin to replace negative thinking with positive thinking once you start to practice self-compassion. In this self-improvement video we will practice a powerful mindfulness technique to get you build self-confidence and self-compassion. Hi, my name is Eddie Grassi and I am a Career and Relationships Coach with I hope my video was helpful to you. If you lack confidence or have low self-esteem, feel free to contact me by visiting my website below. I am a career and relationships coach in San Francisco. Eddie Grassi 😀

An Into to Hardwiring Yourself for Happiness

Magicians rarely like to explain their tricks.  Since I'm not a professional magician though, I can let you in on a little magic trick for growing a strong and healthy brain.  Actually, it's a big one.   It's so big in fact that to properly explain it, I need to break down into a series of posts.  In a nutshell, it's about going from a red brain of reactivity to stress to a green brain of calm and contentment in defiance of the stress all around us.   First, however, I must give full credit to Rick Hanson, the source of my inspiration and newfound knowledge on building happiness into my life and yours.  He is a prominent neuropsychologist at UC Berkeley and has written an international bestselling book,  Hardwiring Happiness: the new science of contentment, calm and confidence , which I hope you will read too.  All of what I'm about to say comes from the magic of the discoveries found within the pages of his book and how it's improving quality of life.